Monday, 30 July 2012

Holiday sketches

Just days after getting hooked on drawing, I was going on holiday - so of course I made sure to bring a sketch book with me! And here's the result :)

First, on the plane on my way to Dublin, I drew a picture of Ashely Olsen that I had on my tablet. (That's when I realised how hard it was to draw trousers!) Click here for the original photo.

The next was a photo I found in Marie Claires magazine while in Cyprus. Click here for the original photo. 

This was an ad for eBay Fashion, also from Marie Claire magazine.

I really liked this next one, an editorial in Marie Claire, Alexandra Tomlinson shot by Patric Shaw. I liked the wrinkles, shades and drapery. Click here for the original photo.

The last of my holiday drawings is this one, an ad for Kensie. Click here for the original photo.

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